Socom 4 Beta Detailed

Socom 4 Beta Detailed


Over the weekend Zipper explained ,on their forums, how to get into the Socom 4 beta. Needless to say, everyone who owns a PS3 will eventually get in it. You guys can still brag about who got more playing time in the beta right? Check the details after the break.

Beta Schedule
Phase 1 (Private invites) – Begins March 15. Eligible players will be contacted with details
Phase 2 (PlayStation Plus members) – Begins March 22. Members will join Phase 1 participants
Phase 3 (Killzone 3 vouchers) – Begins March 29. You can redeem your voucher included with KZ3 to play with Phase 1 and Phase 2 players
Phase 4 (Open to everyone) – Begins April 5. The beta will be freely downloadable off of PSN
Beta Ends – April 13

But wait there’s more! We may have a Socom 4 beta code to giveaway for all the PS3 gamers who are to lazy to wait for the open beta! Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks. I will tell you however, that you must follow DualShockers on twitter to be able to win this code.