SOE’s Bullet Run Show Off Shanty and Oil Rig Stages With Trailers

on July 23, 2012 7:40 PM

Sony Online Entertainment today released two new videos for their upcoming free-to-play first persons shooter, Bullet Run. Narrarated by ACONY lead level designer, Mark Mussler, the videos feature the layouts and strategies behind two new stages, the Oil Rig and the Shanty. The Oil Rig is a multi-leveled offshore map, featuring tight corridors, narrow passageways, and flammable cover spots. Players will have to be quick and nimble to take each other out on this map, which encourages acting quickly to surprise your opponent.

The shanty is a “abandoned desert town” set somewhere in the American west. Broken down mobile homes, shanty buildings, and condemned buildings come together to form a map with winding corners and dangerous choke points. Players that want a more open area can head to the rooves, which provide quicker traversal of the map, but far less cover. Videos for both levels can be found below.

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