Soft Body Trophies Now Live, Nine Total

Soft Body Trophies Now Live, Nine Total

The trophy list for Soft Body is now live, showing nine total trophies split between two gold, one silver, and six bronze.

A majority of the trophies require the player to complete levels, whether it be Hard Game or just specific levels in the Soft Game mode. One gold trophy is awarded for starting from the first chapter in Soft Game and never taking damage to the end, which I’m not even willing to try. You can read the full trophy list below:


  • The Perennial Body: Complete all 25 Hard Game+ Levels
  • The Circle: Start from Chapter 1-1 and complete every Soft Game level without your Soft Body taking damage


  • Body Pedagogy: Complete all 25 Hard Game levels


  • Triangle Prince: Defeat the Triangle Prince
  • Rooster 100: Complete Rooster 100
  • Rooster: Complete Soft Game
  • Islund and Eyn: Defeat Islund and Eyn, the two snakes
  • Fun and Love: Complete 15 Hard Game levels
  • A New Feeling: Find the opera