SOL Call of Duty Mobile Player Murdered by Guilherme Alves Costa

Guilherme Alves Costa, a Call of Duty Mobile player, admitted to murdering a female player of the game known as SOL.

This is not something we like or tend to hear about in the video games industry, but unfortunately, a murder case in Brazil has been discovered, according to which, Oliveira Bueno da Silva known as SOL Call of Duty Mobile player has been murdered by another player of the game called Guilherme Alves Costa, as per confession of the male player.

While the purpose behind this evil act of Guilherme Alves Costa is yet to be known, he admitted that he had already planned for murdering Oliveira Bueno da Silva. According to a notebook found by Police officers in Guilherme’s home, the murderer has forced the female player to come to his place and then stabbed her several times. The worst part is he posted a video of the victim’s body on different social media groups such as gamerselite, which then reported to the police by the admins of the groups and led to the murderer’s arrestment by the local Police. Based on a video of the suspect’s arrestment by Police, he screams “My sanity is completely fit,” and “I wanted to do this,” in Portuguese.

Although Guilherme Alves Costa has admitted that he has murdered Oliveira Bueno da Silva on purpose, the Police investigations will be continued to find out what was the purpose behind this unfortunate event.

Since the news has gone viral on the internet, many Call of Duty Mobile players has been reacting to the matter and sympathizing with the family of Oliveira Bueno da Silva, a.k.a. SOL Call of Duty Mobile player, whose shocking death has left many gamers around the world heartbroken.

While the investigations should be followed for further details of the murder, we strongly suggest you avoid trusting anyone in multiplayer games or other online-based activities that you don’t personally know. Make sure to report any threats or violations that you receive in multiplayer games to the support teams behind the game and the local Police.

DualShockers would like to convey that our thoughts and sympathies are with Oliveira’s friends and family at this terrible time.

Mehrdad Khayyat

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