Hyper Light Drifter Developers Reveal New Game Entitled Solar Ash Kingdom

Hyper Light Drifter Developers Reveal New Game Entitled Solar Ash Kingdom

Solar Ash Kingdom will be published by Annapurna Interactive and will be released on the Epic Games Store.

After launching the critically-acclaimed Hyper Light Drifter back in 2016, developer Heart Machine has today revealed the studio’s newest project which is called Solar Ash Kingdom.

In the reveal trailer released by IGN, Solar Ash Kingdom looks to be quite similar to that of Hyper Light Drifter, at least in terms of its color palette, music, and overall tone. The most noticeable change though is that of the 3D environments for Solar Ash Kingdom, which is much different from what Hyper Light Drifter offered with its 2D spaces. The reveal trailer concludes with what seems likely to be the game’s main protagonist launching forward to attack a one-eyed monster.

Other than what is shown in the trailer, details on Solar Ash Kingdom are still sparse. Annapurna Interactive will be serving as the game’s publisher and as of this writing, PC is the only known platform that Solar Ash Kingdom is planned to come to. In addition, it looks like it’ll be releasing exclusively through the Epic Games Store on PC as stated in the trailer.

Fortunately, it seems like Heart Machine should be revealing much more details about Solar Ash Kingdom in the future now that it has unveiled the project. “Thanks for bearing with us and our relative silence; we’re so excited to start opening up about the game and the process behind it on our devlog and beyond,” said Heart Machine’s Alx Preston in a statement to IGN.

As of this time, a release window for the game has not been divulged. You can check out the reveal trailer for Solar Ash Kingdom attached below.