Puzzle Game Solo tries to Understand Love via Crowdfunding

Puzzle Game Solo tries to Understand Love via Crowdfunding

Team Gotham is hoping to get their recently announced puzzle game, Solo, funded through Fig. Despite the name, the devs are hoping a bunch of people will come together in order to make the $64,500 USD goal. With an intriguing premise, it seems like this lonely title might find love in these cold times.

The narrative in Solo will play just as important role as the gameplay, and the two will be somewhat interconnected. There are aspects to the design that will try and craft a unique ‘reflection’ for the person playing it.

At the beginning, you can select your gender and then answer the question ‘In which way does love wrap your existence?’ The answers portray 3 states: you’ve never been in love, you’re in love, and you’ve lost your love. From here your experiences in the game will follow the choices you’ve made.

You’ll find notes left by (ex)partners or the idea of your perfect partner. Ghosts will follow you or wander about bringing up real or imagined memories. All the while ‘Sleeping Totems’ will guide you through your introspective quest by either asking you more questions or helping out with puzzles.

The gameplay in Solo is meant to be relaxed and mirror the story. You’ll be sailing to different archipelagos and using different boxes to progress. These cubes represent states of mind and love such as the magnetic ones to conjure up images of attraction or the fire ones to ignite the idea of passion.

These groups of islands have a dreamlike quality that carry over to the expressive character models. The game itself is meant to mimic quiet reflections about love, loss, being alone, and being with someone else. All the while the environments are filled with small details and animal life that are meant to admired and explored. There is no rush to get to the end here.

The devs are planning on getting the game on PC if the goal is met. There’s already a Steam Greenlight page up to try and boost the title on the huge distribution platform. More than 40% of the $64,500 USD goal has already been met with 32 more days to go.

Stretch goals are looking like a possibility but only the first one ($70,000 USD) has been revealed. I know I wouldn’t argue with more wildlife in the game. Here’s hoping the young group at Team Gotham get a chance to explore love with us the gamers in a medium that doesn’t do that enough.

The launch trailer can be seen below: