Solo Leveling Anime: Are We Getting An Anime Adaptation Of The Hit Manhwa?

Should we even expect a Solo Leveling anime?

By Shivam Gulati

May 10, 2021

Solo Leveling fans want to know if there will be an anime adaptation of the hit manhwa series; well, here’s everything we know about it.

Undoubtedly, Solo Leveling is one of the most popular Korean manhwas on the planet. Millions of worldwide fans enjoy following the journey of Jin-Woo, the low-level hunter who eventually dominates the top-tier hunters.

The Korean Manhwa has become so popular that everyone wants to see an anime adaptation of the series. Many fans believe that Solo Leveling anime would instantly take over My Hero Academia, Jujutsu Kaisen, and other anime in terms of viewership, if, of course, it ever comes to reality.

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Solo Leveling Anime Release Date: Is there any?

When writing this article, there isn’t any confirmation on the Solo Leveling anime. However, there are multiple reasons to believe that we’ll hear an announcement really soon.

Apparently, Solo Leveling took the first spot in the “Manga we want to see animated” poll. Moreover, there is a petition on with almost 200k signatures requesting the Solo Leveling anime.

So, any production company would be crazy to let go of this amazing opportunity to release the anime adaptation.

However, given that no production company or animation studio has announced anything, Solo Leveling would not hit the screens before late 2021.

Why isn’t there any announcement?

If the manhwa is so damn popular, why haven’t we heard an announcement for the anime adaptation? Well, according to YouTuber ‘Yiman,’ Japanese hunters aren’t depicted fairly in the Solo Leveling manhwa. And that’s why Japanese animation studios are reluctant to take charge of the Solo Leveling anime.

So, does that mean the anime is out of the equation; certainly not. If there’s one platform that could still take on this project, it’s Netflix.

Netflix to the rescue

Recently, Netflix is trying incredibly hard to become a prime destination for the anime community. Besides getting the streaming rights for anime like My Hero Academia and the Seven Deadly Sins, the streaming platform has launched several original anime.

What’s unique about Netflix is that it has always made bold choices. For instance, the streaming platform recently announced the Record of Ragnarok anime. The anime adaptation is based on a manga series dipped in its fair share of controversies for its depiction of Gods.

Even then, Netflix had the courage to work on this risky project. So, there’s no way that the streaming platform would not pick Solo Leveling despite all the concerns.

If Netflix takes the lead, several animation studios would be ready to animate the series. However, considering Solo Leveling’s popularity, it would be best if studios like MAPPA or Madhouse work on the animation.

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