Solo Leveling Chapter 161: Release Date, Time, Spoilers, Recap & How to Read

Looking forward to reading the next Solo Leveling chapter?

By Shivam Gulati

August 4, 2021

Solo Leveling fans loved the previous manhwa chapter, and now, almost everyone is looking forward to reading Chapter 161. Well, here’s what we know about the upcoming chapter’s release schedule.

Jin-Woo is definitely one of the best-written protagonists of all time. That’s why fans are desperate to see this character animated. However, it’s hard to say when or if we’ll get a Solo Leveling anime adaptation.

On the other hand, manhwa readers still have new Solo Leveling chapters to look forward to. And after witnessing the ongoing intense battle between the Monarchs and Jin-Woo, fans are eager to find out what events will unfold in Chapter 161.

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Webtoon Solo Leveling Trailer

Webtoon Solo Leveling Trailer

Solo Leveling Chapter 160 Recap

In the previous Solo Leveling Chapter, we saw Jin-Woo asking Thomas and other hunters to move to a safe place. Meanwhile, the Monarchs senses the incredible power of the Shadow Monarch in Jin-Woo. They are surprised by the fact that a mere human can harness such immense power of the strongest Monarch.

After that, Jin-Woo releases the shadow army against the three Monarchs and asks them to “Come Forth.” However, the Frost Monarch freezes the entire Shadow Army and feels disrespected by Shadow Monarch’s weak attack. Also, he realizes that Jin-Woo has yet to understand the power of the Shadow Monarch that resides within him.

Finally, Jin-Woo gets his Kamish Wrath dagger out of the ice and promises to kill every one of them. So, the battle will definitely get more intense in the upcoming chapter.

When Does Solo Leveling Chapter 161 Come out?

Release Date

When writing this article, Solo Leveling Chapter 161 is scheduled to release on Wednesday, August 4th, 2021, or Thursday, August 5th, depending on your region.

Generally, the editorial department at D&C Webtoon notifies if they plan on delaying the upcoming chapter. But fortunately, there’s no official word from the creator on the manhwa going on a hiatus. So, you can expect the series to follow a weekly release schedule.

Release Time

Solo Leveling Chapter 161 will be available to read at midnight KST (Korean Standard Time) on Thursday, August 5th, 2021. However, for most international fans, the release date for the next chapter will be August 4th.

Also, it takes a few hours longer for the new chapter’s English translation to release. Nevertheless, here is when you can expect Chapter 161’s English version to come out:

  • Pacific Time: 9-11 AM PDT on August 4th
  • Central Time: 11-1 PM CDT on August 4th
  • Eastern Time: 12-2 PM EDT on August 4th
  • British Time: 4-6 PM BST on August 4th

Solo Leveling Chapter 161 Spoilers

Interestingly, the spoilers for the next chapter are already out for everyone to enjoy. Judging by the events in the web novel, we might see Jin-Woo’s health actually dropping to Zero. However, in his final moments, he meets with Shadow Sovereign, or the Ashborn.

According to the spoilers, we might witness the lore behind Solo Leveling in the upcoming chapters. Also, the man we saw in the previous chapter, will actually turn out to be Sung Il Hwan, Jin-Woo’s father.

Where to read Solo Leveling?

There are several digital platforms to read Solo Leveling, and Tapas Media is one of the best ones. It has a total of 148 SL chapters, and the platform updates with a new chapter every Monday.

Other than that, you can catch the latest Solo Leveling chapters on Tappy Toon. Also, you can follow the latest development in the manhwa on Kakao Page.

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