Solo Leveling Chapter 169 Release Date, Time & Spoilers Revealed

Everything we know about the upcoming Solo Leveling chapter.

By Shivam Gulati

October 13, 2021

Solo Leveling fans wonder when they’ll get to read chapter 169 of the manhwa. Well, here’s everything we know about the upcoming chapter’s release schedule.

Sung Jin-Woo finally defeated the three Monarchs with the fully-awakened power of Ashborn. Beast Monarch, who fleed the scene leaving the Frost Monarch alone, was also killed by Jin-Woo. Moreover, the real Shadow army has now arrived on Earth to serve Jin-Woo.

However, another war is now coming Jin-Woo’s way as the Monarch of Destruction has chosen Earth as his next target. Now, Jin-woo has called out all the hunters worldwide to make them aware of this new threat.

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Webtoon Solo Leveling Trailer

Webtoon Solo Leveling Trailer

Why Was Solo Leveling Chapter 169 Got Delayed?

Last month, the editorial department at D&C Webtoon confirmed that Solo Leveling is going on a hiatus for a week. According to the official announcement, the upcoming chapter was delayed because of the author’s health issues. After that, the editorial department extended the delay for one more week to give the author some more to recover. So, we’ll not get chapter 169 this week, but we do have a new release date for the chapter.

For the recovery of writer Jang Seong-rak’s health, we have extended our leave of absence for one more week,” said DNCWebtoon in their official tweet.

When Does Solo Leveling Chapter 169 Come Out?

Release Date

After getting delayed two times, Solo Leveling Chapter 169 is now scheduled to release this week on Wednesday, October 13th, 2021, or Thursday, October 14th, depending on your region.

D&C Webtoon confirmed the above release date on its official Twitter channel. However, it’s important to note that the chapter might be delayed even further if the author doesn’t recover fully.

Fortunately, there isn’t any official word about the chapter getting delayed any further when writing this post. Anyway, don’t fret because we’ll definitely update this post if there’s any concerning notification from D&CWebtoon about the chapter’s release.


Release Time

The next manhwa chapter will arrive at midnight KST (Korean Standard Time) on October 14th. However, for several international readers, the release date would be October 13th because of the time difference.

Anyway, if the manhwa follows the previous release schedule, here is when you can expect Chapter 169’s English translation to come out in your region:

  • Pacific Time: 9-11 AM PDT on October 13th
  • Central Time: 11-1 PM CDT on October 13th
  • Eastern Time: 12-2 PM EDT on October 13th
  • British Time: 4-6 PM BST on October 13th

Solo Leveling Chapter 169 Spoilers

The raw scans for the next chapter have yet to come out. However, based on what happened in the web novel, the chapter will kick off with Jin-Woo explaining the world leaders about the upcoming threat. Not everyone would believe the hunter, so he’ll open the one-sided gate to show everyone the massive army approaching Earth.

After that, Jin-Woo will reach China, where a massive gate will open; the same will happen in Canada. However, it’s in Canada where a threatening entity will appear. And obviously, things will get worse as Jin-Woo won’t be present to fight the being that will arrive in Canada.

Official Trailer: The Beginning After the End

Official Trailer: The Beginning After the End
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Where to read Solo leveling?

Tapas Media hosts the English version of the manhwa, with 155 chapters available to read on the platform right now. Besides that, you can read the latest chapters of Solo Leveling on Tappy Toon.

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