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Solo Leveling Chapter 176 Release Date, Time, & Where to Read

Don't expect a new Solo Leveling chapter this week.

December 8, 2021

Solo Leveling fans are looking forward to the release of Chapter 176; well, here’s everything we know about the next manhwa chapter’s delay and new release date.

Things are finally getting interesting for Sung in-Woo in the latest chapters of Solo Leveling. Monarch of Destruction, Antares, has arrived on Earth and killed millions of people with the Dragon army. At first, Antares though that the new vessel of Ashborn is unworthy standing against him. However, Jin-Woo surprised Antares by isolating the Monarch from his army.

Now, it’s time for both warriors to go against each other without any interruptions. And it would be interesting to see who will come out victorious in the legendary fight.

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Webtoon Solo Leveling Trailer

Webtoon Solo Leveling Trailer

Why Solo Leveling Chapter 176 Got Delayed?

Initially, Chapter 176 of Solo Leveling was scheduled to release worldwide on Wednesday, December 1st, or Thursday, December 2nd, depending on your region. However, D&C Webtoon confirmed that the manhwa is going for the week. According to the official announcement, the editorial department took a break to make sure that they give readers wonderful content.

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Solo Leveling Chapter 176 Release Date and Time

D&C Webtoon confirmed that the new release date for Chapter 176 of Solo Leveling would be Wednesday, December 8th, or Thursday, December 9th, depending on your region.

The new chapter will be available to read at midnight KST (Korean Time) on December 9th. However, the release date would be December 8th for most international fans because of the time difference. Anyway, here’s when you can expect chapter 176 to come out in these regions:

  • Pacific Time: 9-11 AM PST on December 8th
  • Central Time: 11-1 PM CST on December 8th
  • Eastern Time: 12-2 PM EST on December 8th
  • British Time: 4-6 PM BST on December 8th

In the past, we’ve seen Solo Leveling chapters getting delayed for two weeks. Generally, D&C Webtoon notifies about the delay a few hours before the chapter’s official release. But fortunately, there are no reports about the upcoming chapter getting delayed any further when writing this post. So, you can expect Chapter 176 to arrive on the given date.

Solo Leveling Chapter 175 Recap

The previous chapter starts with Sung Jin-Woo starting his fight with the King of Dragons. The hunter does his best to damage the Dragon, but he can’t even put a scratch on the monster.

Jin-Woo takes the help of Kaisel, the shadow of Kaisellin, to defeat the Dragon, but he quickly realizes that he is facing a powerful opponent. Shockingly, even the fires of the ancient dragons prove ineffectual against the King of Dragons.

Finally, Jin-Woo understands the true meaning of Ashborn’s powers. He instantly takes control of the Power of Death and creates an enormous form, a form so big that everyone in the world can see him. The King of Dragon understands why Ashborn chose this human as his vessel, and he acknowledges that Jin-Woo is too dangerous.

Where to Read Solo Leveling?

You can read all chapters of Solo Leveling on Tapas Media; the platform updates the library with new chapters every Monday. On the other hand, Tappy Toon is another platform that hosts the English version of the Korean Manhwa.

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