Solo Leveling Game Confirmed by Netmarble with First Gameplay Trailer

The Solo Leveling game is finally happening!

January 28, 2022

Solo Leveling fans rejoice, the popular webcomic is finally getting a game adaptation, with Netmarble Games officially confirming an action game is in development with a reveal and gameplay trailer.

As pointed out by Anitrendz, South Korean company Netmarble announced a Solo Leveling game adaptation during its 5th “Netmarble Together with Press” conference in South Korea, on January 27, 2022. Netmarble also announced The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin at the same time.

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Solo Leveling game first details and gameplay trailer revealed

Solo Leveling is a high-paced action game, where players are pitted against imposing enemies. Nothing specific was revealed by Netmarble on the game systems, but we can make several observations after analyzing the trailer. It looks like the battle system includes light but fast attacks, slow but heavy attacks, and charge attacks. There also seems to be some kind of assist call/ Strikers system where you can order your allies to attack enemies.

Not only protagonist Jinwoo Sung, but many other characters appear in the trailer as well and will be playable, including Cha Hae-In. You can catch the trailer below.

“A Solo Leveling game is in development” rumor surfaced back in 2021 but it was possibly an educated guess, seeing it was very likely a popular series like this would get a game. Now, it’s official.

The Solo Leveling manhwa Webomic started back in 2018 and ended just a few weeks ago. Solo Leveling was originally a web novel started in 2016. You can find the Webcomic in English on Yen Press.

Last but not least, Netmarble only stated the Solo Leveling game is coming to PC and mobile. Netmarble did not reveal when. There’s no confirmed release date. What did you all think of the trailer? Tell us in the comments!

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