Solstice Chronicles: MIA Gets Over Six Minutes of Exciting Developer-Narrated Gameplay

Solstice Chronicles: MIA has gotten over six minutes of new developer narrated gameplay prior to its release on July 26.

on July 21, 2017 4:03 PM

Back in February, developer Ironward took its interesting sci-fi twin-stick shooter Solstice Chronicles: MIA to the crowdfunding platform Fig an successfully raised $30,900. The developers recently revealed to backers that they would be releasing the game on July 26, and have now released new gameplay video for the game.

The video features developer commentary from Hrvoje Horvatek, a Lead at Ironward, and showcases gameplay of the Terminator class, and some of the game’s more unique mechanics such as the ‘threat level mechanic’.  With that, one can use their abilities to effect the difficulty of upcoming sections of the game. Some actions are positive, some can be negative, and some contain a combination of both. For example, using a bomb to quickly dispatch of a group of nearby enemies could make a future horde of infected even stronger.

The game also has a ton of class-based skill-trees, upgradeable weaponry, and drone abilities to keep things varied and players interested alongside an interesting story that features a space marine trying to escape a Martian colony that is over run by mutants. The developers also revealed that when Solstice Chronicles: MIA launches, it will be available at a temporary 10% discount.

You can check out the developer-narrated video and some new screenshots below. Solstice Chronicles: MIA will be available on PC July 26.

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