Some Development Images of 0x10c Appear, Game Drops “Hard Sci-Fi” Moniker

on April 12, 2012 3:00 PM

Notch has released a screenshot for his new game 0x10c showing off a possible look at how the flashlight in the game would work. The image appears to be using a low resolution model of a Red Soldier from Team Fortress 2 as a model placeholder but the lighting effect certainly looks nice and I continue to look forward to more information on the game.

Some enterprising Reddit users did what they do best and found a few more hidden images on the website by changing the number at the end of the file name. There’s no telling what’s really going on in these other screenshots so I wouldn’t take them at face value but its still interesting nonetheless.

In an interesting side-note the main webpage for the game has scratched out the words “Hard Sci-Fi” with Notch saying he’d rather focus on fun gameplay. Check out the screenshots after the jump and as we saw with Minecraft I’m sure we’ll be seeing plenty of updates on the game as time goes on. 

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