Some Light Shed On Other "Fabula Nova Crystallis" Titles

By Chad Awkerman

March 15, 2010

If you weren’t aware, Final Fantasy XIII is only one third of a series of games under the umbrella of “Fabula Nova Crystallis” (that we know of so far, anyway). We’ve been hearing this phrase for quite a while, and are aware that two upcoming games – the PS3 exclusive Final Fantasy Versus XIII and the PSP title Final Fantasy Agito XIII – are part of this mythos. Details have been scant as to how these games are connected, but this past weekend at GDC in a panel titled “The Crystal Mythos”, the director of FFXIII, Motomu Toriyama, had some interesting tidbits to share.

During the course of the panel, the way these three games are connected game up. While the games share the same basic mythology, they might just as well be completely separate entries in the Final Fantasy franchise, because they are unconnected otherwise. Until I learned this info, I figured Versus XIII might be on a Cocoon or Gran Pulse of the past (or future?) – a game in which we’ll share the same in-game mythology and themes, but carry them into a different setting altogether, with different characters and a different intricate story built around it all. However, it appears things will be quite different in story. Basic story pacing and game progression might, however, be a bit too similar to FFXIII for some folks. Here’s the break down.

  • Like I mentioned, Agito and Versus will not be sequels, but rather stories that share the same crystal mythos in that the familiar theme of those exhibiting god-like powers control the lives of ordinary people.
  • As far as game mechanics go, Toriyama pointed out that Versus and Agito will continue to focus on story-driven gameplay – read: linear gameplay. I know this is a touchy subject, but I happen to think it was just what the doctor ordered to tell the story in FFXIII the way it was meant to be told. (I’ll save the rest for my upcoming review of FFXIII.)

So, there are your new details for both Versus and Agito. I know it isn’t a lot, but since Square-Enix has always been extremely protective of their upcoming big franchise information, these little tidbits may be all we get for a while.

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