Some more sexy SEGA stuff…

Some more sexy SEGA stuff…

Gotta love that alliteration. If any of you caught the posta few weeks ago with SEGA’s new releases and updates, you should be familiar with this format. SEGA release regularly information on their pre-releases and competitions, which I feel is vital to post up for all you SEGA fans out there. Also, for any major Bayonetta fans, DualShockers work hard attaining and posting that news up for you, so keep checking back to see regular updates on what is said to be the first A* game of 2010!

Sonic & SEGA All-Star Racing:

All new Halloween trailer revealing the Curien Mansion circuit, and a somewhat peculiar new driver combination – here.

Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Winter Games:

THIS ONLY REALLY IS USEFUL FOR ALL YOU SEXY UK “PEEPZ”. SEGA have launched a sweepstake in the UK for a major prize – a Mario & Sonic Snowboard! Check out the sweepstake here.

Planet 51:

For anyone who has been following the miniature junkets of information about this title, you can now view the new trailer centring around astronaut Chuck, here.

Football Manager 2010:

Good news for all you sports fans out there, the FMClub (of which i used to be a member) has re-launched! This month, SEGA are giving away a limited edition Football Manager 2010 Table Football and FM10 t-shirts – and you can check that all out on their official site here.

There’s also a lotta cool stuff happening around Bayonetta at the moment, however DualShockers have taken it as their sworn duty to keep you all up to date on that, so keep coming back for some more news info on your favourite pre-release titles!