Some of Sucker Punch’s “Best Ideas” Will Not Appear in inFAMOUS 2

Some of Sucker Punch’s “Best Ideas” Will Not Appear in inFAMOUS 2


inFAMOUS 2 is already looking to be one of the summer’s biggest blockbuster hits and that’s before the user generated content. The trailers and gameplay videos that have been pouring out show Cole and his awesome new powers taken to a whole new level. But did you expect that even more badass abilities will not make it into the final version of the game? It’s not just another equally great experience stripped away but moments that inFAMOUS creator, Sucker Punch, felt were truly the “best ideas.” This potentially sad news came from a sit-down with Gamespot and Sucker Punch producer, Brian Fleming.

“Some of our best ideas, what we thought were our best ideas; they’re not going to be in the game because they didn’t work. Some of the things that we thought would be cool and innovative don’t work out and that’s just the nature of doing creative work I think. You have to be willing to put yourself out there and try some stuff and know that 50% of it is going to fail and that’s ok, you can’t be freaked out by that. You have to embrace it and say ‘well good I’m glad we learned that didn’t work.’”

In a way this news is actually good news. If some things just don’t “fit” into a game, why force it? Doing something like that could be pretty devastating to the overall feel of the game. I’ll take a well-rounded, gaming experience over one moment of awesomeness any day. Still it doesn’t hurt to imagine does it? Picture Cole soaring through the air on an electrical pathway that allows him to get from place to place much faster. (Think of Iceman and his ability to create pathways.) Rather intriguing concept wouldn’t you say? inFAMOUS 2 hits store shelves June 7th for the PS3.