Someone Made a Nearly Perfect, Live-Action Recreation of Yakuza

Someone Made a Nearly Perfect, Live-Action Recreation of Yakuza

This guy might not be Kazuma Kiryu, but he sure does walk, talk, and hide like the legendary Dragon of Dojima from the Yakuza series.

While our long wait for the Western release of Yakuza: Like a Dragon continues, fans of the series continue to provide exceptional content to tide us over. Today, two fans who go by KaroruGans0 and hayaken_kmzw on Twitter posted a live-action recreation of the Kamurocho streets. It’s not completely flawless and also takes some inspiration from the Grand Theft Auto series. That said, it’s pretty awesome how well they’ve done with this. Check it out below.

From the start, you can tell these people have played some Yakuza. The lead actor perfectly mimicks Kiryu’s walking and idle animations. The swagger in that walk is spot on. Even his weird running style features, which only looks odder in real life. As the short continues, it just gets better.

I mean, the part where he follows that guy through the streets is incredible. The lead runs into walls, hides behind things that would never cover his body, and even takes some inspiration from a certain superspy. This team completely gets what makes Yakuza games great and has put all that knowledge into an excellent video. I’ll stop pointing out references, so you can have some fun looking for them yourself.

As good as this is, it only makes me want that Yakuza: Like a Dragon release date more. There are, of course, rumors that the date is November 13, but until those are confirmed by SEGA, I’ll continue waiting. If you haven’t checked out a Yakuza game yet and are interested in hopping into the long-running series, we have some suggestions. I would highly encourage you to give the series a look.