Son of Nor Kickstarter at 60K Mark, Introduces Lead Designer/Founder and Announces Two Livestreams

on May 15, 2013 4:32 PM

Today, stillalive studios updates their Son of Nor Kickstarter page with a celebration of reaching the $60,000 mark in their campaign. The team also announces two livestreams taking place tomorrow and Friday–an Ask Me Anything and a demonstration of their pre-alpha game, respectively. Finally, the founder and lead designer of Son of Nor, Julian Mautner, introduces himself in a new video.

The first livestream will be taking place tomorrow via Google Hangouts on Air, which means it will stream from Youtube as well. There, anyone can watch and submit questions that the development team will answer right away. The second livestream is on Friday and will be hosted on their Twitch TV account, allowing viewers to watch live pre-alpha footage of the gameplay. This game-mechanics stream will be one of several taking place in the next several weeks.

And in the video introducing Julian Mautner, we learn that he was always interested in math, physics, computers and later on, game design. His first game was the original Prince of Persia but his first true love was Baldur’s Gate II, which influenced his career path later on. Julian actually taught himself programming in middle school and created his first real time physics engine in high school. By college, he was formerly studying game design and started working with small teams on various projects before he arrived at his current station, Son of Nor.

If your interested and you’d like to support their project, go here to contribute to the Kickstarter.

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