Son of Nor Gets a New Update; Backers Will Be Rewarded Regardless of Outcome

on May 28, 2013 3:49 PM

A new update has been released on the Son of Nor Kickstarter page featuring a personal message video to all the backers and supporters, as well as reassurance (and 3D art) for the female character. The campaign is at $116,245 with just 38 hours to go. If you’d like to support it as well, you can still pledge by going here.

The team at stillalive studios is gearing up for the final push in their Kickstarter campaign and they’ve posted a “Close to the End Address” to mark the beginning of the end. In the video, two of the staff members talked a bit about all the support, coverage and success they’ve had with the campaign so far (including the YouTube group GamersDissent playing a portion of the game and hilariously discovering that you can fly).

Chris Polus has also made it clear that if Son of Nor is not successfully funded, the game will still come out in some shape or form. Additionally, they will still reward all backers with an exclusive item that cannot be found ingame.

Stillalive studios has also announced a female build for Son of Nor, affectionately called Daughter of Nor.

Sons of Nor10

I rather like the design as it’s just as simplistic, natural and practical as the male design (especially the clothes). The short hair and tanned skin is a really nice touch as well.

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