Son of Nor Unveils Final Gameplay Video–Learn About Spell Casting, Puzzle Solving and More

on May 24, 2013 3:11 PM

In a new update Son of Nor producer, Chris Polus, talks about the finer points of spell casting, puzzle solving, exploration and more as he guides us through a new video showcasing how the final game will look. Stillalive studios seems to be gearing for their final push with just five days to go on their campaign and $94,658 out of $150,000 raised so far.

The video convey the emphasis Son of Nor places on strategy and puzzle solving since, unlike many action titles, just fighting all the enemies in an area is a great way to get your character killed. Instead it is better to use stealth, assassination and other techniques to accomplish your goals. Chris also discusses the different types of enemies (such as mages and melee fighters) and that simply flinging boulders at them is highly ineffective. The best method is combining your character’s powers in creative ways to properly target the foes’ weak points. Lastly, Chris talks about Challenge Levels, which is a more fast-pace action mode with accompanying stats and leaderboard support.

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