Song of Memories Introduces its Waifus Following English Release

Song of Memories Introduces its Waifus Following English Release

A new series of trailers for Pure Wish's charming visual novel Song of Memories has each of the main heroines introduce herself.

Yesterday Pure Wish updated the Steam release of its charming visual novel Song of Memories to include English and French subtitles.

The game was launched back in February, but back then it only included Japanese and Chinese support, but at least we can all play in a language easier to understand to the average westerner.


The developer followed up by releasing special trailers in which each heroine introduces herself. We get Kanon Hiiragi, Akira Tobunoki, Satsuki Tsushima, Yuno Wakatsuki, Natsume Kurihara, and the inevitable little sister Fuuka Kamishiro.

You can check out all the trailers below. If you want to see more, you can also enjoy another video released yesterday to celebrate the release of the English version.

Song of Memories is also slated for release on PS4 and Nintendo Switch sometime this year, courtesy of British publisher PQube. If you prefer to play the game on consoles, the wait shouldn’t be too long, even if we don’t yet know a precise release date.