PS4 Exclusive Song of Memories Gets New screenshots and Art Introducing New Characters and Systems

PS4 Exclusive Song of Memories Gets New screenshots and Art Introducing New Characters and Systems

The upcoming PS4 game Song of Memories reveals more of its cast and features in new screenshots and info.

Pure wish released a brand new batch of screenshots of its upcoming visual novel/adventure game Song of Memories.

We get the introduction of three systems included in the game.

The Common Root is a visual representation of the events that happen in the game, with each heroine. As time progresses, you can check where each event happens, and restart it.

The Around System allows you to have a fun conversation while walking together with another character. At times you might be invited by a heroine, but if your relationship is not advanced enough even if you’re the one who invites an heroine, she might refuse, or leave halfway during the walk. You can select who you want to invite from a menu.

D4U events happen as the relationship between the hero and the heroines advances. You can select members of the Dreams4U idol band, and have a conversation with them.

We also get the introduction of the hero and a few new characters.

The hero, Minato Kamishiro, is the son of a couple of excellent scientists who have been killed in the crash of a plane. He is known for being gentle, and treats his adopted sister like she was family even if they are not related by blood (which basically makes her eligible as a waifu, of course).

Makoto Asukaya is Minato’s best friend. He is bright and trendy, and a big fan of Makoto’s childhood friend Yuno Wakatsuki (portrayed at the top of the post). He’s the typical mood maker who can change the atmosphere to a cheerful one. He is a bit calculating, but still kind.

Sota Wakatsuki is Yuno’s younger brother, and an elementary school student. That said, he is a honor student and very smart. He knows the hero and his sister Fuuka since they were chidren, and he considers him like an older brother who takes care of his sister,

Kaori Makishima is the maid at the cafe Adagio, that the hero visits often. She listens to everyone’s stories and troubles, and she is basically everyone’s counselor. Everyone likes her due to her mature way of thinking and calm aura.

Mika Matsuyama is in the same class as the hero and Yuno. She talks a lot and she is curious to the point of being a bit nosy. However, she also is unexpectedly resdponsible, and she works as a member of the committee that organizes the sports and culture festival of the school.

You can check out the screenshots below.

Song of Memories will release in Japan on April 27th, and if you want to see more, you can check out some gameplay and songs here, on top of quite a few screenshots here, and the latest character trailers and even more songs here.