Songbringer Gets New Gameplay Video Showing Viper Enemy

Songbringer Gets New Gameplay Video Showing Viper Enemy

A new video has been released that shows off a new enemy in the upcoming procedurally generated action rpg Songbringer.

Nathanael Weiss, the one-man gamed studio behind the Zelda inspired action rpg Songbringer, has released a new video today on his official YouTube channel. The new video, which clocks in at a whopping twenty seven seconds, can be seen below.

In the new trailer we get to take a closer look at one of the games newly announced enemies, the Viper. The Viper looks to be a sneaky enemy that will require careful footwork to move around him and eventually take him out.

For those that haven’t heard of Songbringer, here’s a quick breakdown of the games premise. The game is a 3/4 perspective action rpg that has procedurally generated items, over worlds and dungeons. Nathanael mentioned during a PAX panel that Songbringer draws inspiration from classic old school games like The Legend of Zelda and Secret of Mana. The game is a single player game, but it will feature local co op for up to two players.

In addition to the procedurally generated content, the game will also feature a full day and night cycle. Throughout the journey, players will encounter various different enemies, gigantic bosses and challenging puzzles as they uncover the narrative in Songbringer.

Songbringer is scheduled to release in 2017 across PS4, Xbox One and PC via Steam.