Procedurally Generated RPG Songbringer Announced for Nintendo Switch

Procedurally Generated RPG Songbringer Announced for Nintendo Switch

The action role-playing game Songbringer will be the latest indie port to hit the Nintendo Switch on May 31st, adding a Zelda-like indie alternative.

Looking back I can’t help but laugh at myself for being worried that I would have nothing to play on the Nintendo Switch. Developer Wizard Fu (along with publisher Double Eleven) announced that their action RPG Songbringer will come to the Nintendo Switch next week on May 31st.

Songbringer is the most recent indie title to be ported to Nintendo’s console after a successful stint on other platforms. The game was initially funded via a successful Kickstarter campaign that launched back in April 2015 and came to fruition when Songbringer was released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC last summer.

Calling itself a “­Zelda-like,” the game combines the classic Legend of Zelda gameplay loop with a science fiction backdrop. Players take control of a character named Roq after he accidentally becomes stranded on an alien planet. Over the course of the game, true to it’s Zelda influence, Roq must clear dungeons, acquire items, and explore the overworld to uncover something much bigger than himself. However, subverting the classic formulas that the game draws from, Songbringer‘s level design is procedurally generated, making multiple playthroughs much more interesting and fruitful.

As previously stated, Songbringer comes to the Nintendo Switch on May 31st. Check out the announcement trailer for the Nintendo Switch version of the game below: