Sonic ’06 is Unfortunately Playable on PC Due to this Unity Remake

Sonic ’06 is Unfortunately Playable on PC Due to this Unity Remake

PC Gamers, Rejoice! You can now play the absolutely terrible Sonic '06 through this Unity Remake completely created by fans.

PC gamers! Are you not entertained!? The absolute premium piece of video game software can now be played on your PC. That’s right, Sonic ’06 is now playable thanks to a Unity remake. Let us Rejoice!

In all seriousness, the PC community never got to witness the travesty that was Sonic ’06 when it released back in the day. Of course, you can absolutely have your own opinion and enjoy this game for what it is, but the game was widely panned as one of if not the worst game in the entire franchise. It features an incredibly weird level design, Sonic for some reason is surrounded by weirdly realistic looking people, and I am pretty sure I can remember him have a love interest with a human. Well, PC players can now jump into the hedgehog and human love story thanks to Sonic the Hedgehog (P-06). You can take a look at the trailer for the remake in the video below.

From what I can see in the trailer, it was looking pretty good. As in the actual remake of the game is looking good. The actual game is definitely not great. You can download the demo through this Mediafire link and the YouTuber ChaosX, who actually first uploaded a video about this remake about two years ago, has actually created a form for players to report bugs so that players can report bugs that can be fixed in later builds.

While I will never understand why fans would go to the extents that they did to create this game, I have to give them some credit for putting in the incredibly hard work to make this happen. Even if it is for Sonic ’06.