Sonic 3D Blast DX Gets a New Trailer Showcasing Updates

Sonic 3D Blast DX Gets a New Trailer Showcasing Updates

Sonic 3D Blast is getting an unofficial director's cut with tons of new gameplay improvements– a real blast from the past.

The Sonic games out now provide players with a wide variety. From remakes to revolutionary additions, the franchise has come out of the background and soon we’ll get another blast from the past: Sonic 3D Blast is receiving an unofficial remaster made by fans and a new trailer was just released.

You can watch the full trailer– courtesy of GameHut– below.

It showcases the Directors Cut, being created by Jon Burton who was a developer on the original project from over 20 years ago. The trailer showcases gameplay and features all of the updates that are coming “very soon” in a beta version according to the video description. They include revised handling, a time challenge mode, a new and improved camera, a password-saved game, an in-depth level editor, a reworked HUD, bug fixes, difficulty tweaks, new options including the ability to play the original game, new stage palettes, and an entirely new hub.

While the original game was released back in 1996, this new version seeks to go beyond the limitations of that era’s hardware and produce an authentic, yet unofficial, remaster of a defining entry in the series.

Sonic 3D Blast DX will enter beta sometime in the near future. You can check out more Sonic news, including the release of Sonic Adventure‘s soundtrack on vinyl here. You can also read up on Sonic‘s partnership with Hooters here if you’re feeling adventurous.