Sonic Colors: Ultimate - SEGA Is Aware of the Bugs On Switch.

Really? Again Sonic?

By Thomas Newcomb

September 6, 2021

SEGA has announced a patch for Sonic Colors: Ultimate after fans reported graphical issues playing the re-release early.

Last Friday, Sonic Colors: Ultimate was released early via a Digital Deluxe edition which lead many Switch players having to report bugs and errors on social media.

In particular, there are numerous reports of textures not rendering properly including some of these glitches causing flashing lights that could potentially induce seizures.

Sonic Colors: Ultimate – Meet the Wisps!

Sonic Colors: Ultimate – Meet the Wisps!

The developers at Blind Squirrel Games tweeted they are preparing a patch and encouraged players to submit issues on the SEGA support website. Additionally, Social Media Manager for Sonic the Hedgehog, Katie Chrzanowski, has tweeted out that the teams are “listening and assessing.” the situation.

On top of this, there also seems to be a controversy due to the developers not disclosing and crediting the game that was developed using the free open-source Godot Engine. Some players have also reported glitches on emulated versions, rather than using legitimate hardware, which has caused the developers issues.

Since its launch on Friday, Nintendo has started to issue refunds for those who have purchased the Switch version. This is another example of a Sonic game releasing in a glitchy and buggy state, following in the footsteps of Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric and the infamous Sonic ‘06.

Sonic Colors: Ultimate is a rerelease of 2010’s Sonic Colors which came out on the Wii. This comes as part of SEGA’s plans to celebrate the blue blur’s 30th anniversary. The Ultimate edition is supposed to feature enhanced visuals and an improved frame rate. There is also a newly recorded soundtrack as well as a new “Jade Ghost” power-up and a Rival Rush mode against Metal Sonic.

The Digital Deluxe edition released on Friday, September 3 for £39.99 whilst the standard edition is due to releases Tuesday, September 7 for £34.99.

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