Sonic Forces Looks Super Fast in New PS4 Gameplay

Sonic Forces Looks Super Fast in New PS4 Gameplay

Sonic Forces was showcased on PS4 by Sony Interactive Entertainment in Hong Kong, and here you can see what it looks like.

Today, during a stage event hosted by Sony Interactive Entertainment at Ani-Com & Games Hong Kong, the house of PlayStation presented some spiffy gameplay footage of the upcoming Sonic game Sonic Forces.

The game was played live on stage directly on PS4, showing both 3D perspective and the more nostalgic side scrolling-like one. We also take a look at the scoring system at the end of a stage, that was played twice in a row, with the second time going better than the first, earning an A rank instead of a rather lousy B.

Sonic Forces is in development directly by the internal Sonic Team at Sega in Japan, directed by Morio Kishimoto, Produced by Shun Nakamura and featuring music by Tomoya Ohtani. Its production is schedule to celebrate the franchise’s 25th anniversary (the game will actually come a year late for that, to be precise).

You can check out the recording below, and if you want to see more, you can also watch the latest trailer showing the new villain named “Infinite” and his music track, another video showcasing the “Fist Bump” theme song, more gameplay, and a trailer from E3 2017.

Sonic Forces will release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC in the 2017 Holiday season.