Sonic “Franchise-Changing” News This Thursday

Sonic “Franchise-Changing” News This Thursday


Good ol’ Sonic. Cute, blue and very fast. He’s one of the many iconic gaming figures to still hold a solid fanbase regardless of the crappy games that he’s been involved in the past couple of years. With Sonic 4 making its way onto our homes soon, we can only hope that the blue hedgehog will redeem his awesomeness this time around. But aside from a true fourth installment to the franchise, Sega’s European community manager, ArchAngelUK, has stated that some “franchise-changing” news on Sonic will be making its rounds this Thursday.

According to GAF, there will also be an announcement regarding Sonic Colors later today.

As it stands, Sonic Colors is currently being developed for Nintendo’s Wii and DS platforms, with Sonic Riders heading to 360 via Kinect, and Sonic 4 releasing on the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade and WiiWare later this year.

What’s the content of this news hitting this Thursday? God knows. I’ll remain optimistic and hope that it’s something amazingly draw-dropping.