Sonic: Lost World for 3DS Gets a World Full of New Screenshots and Information

on September 2, 2013 4:58 PM

Sonic: Lost World gets a ton of (think over 70) new 3DS version screenshots, as well as more information on the “Color Power” system. Sonic: Lost World will be released in Japan on October 24th, in North America on October 22nd and in Europe on October 18th, all for Wii U and 3DS.

The “Color Power” system allows Sonic to absorb the power of the cute little critters known as Wisps to change forms and gain different abilities, depending on their respective color:

  • Ivory Wisps changes him into the Ivory Lightning form. He can hit enemies and obstacles incredibly fast. He can also travel through cables and coils charged with electricity to move around in stages.
  • Gray Wisps gives Sonic the Gray Quake form that’s controlled by the gyroscope of the 3DS. It lets him smash through large groups of enemies and move through areas that are otherwise difficult to traverse, such as quicksand and slimy floors.
  • Red Wisps turn Sonic into Red Bursts, which gives him flame powers that can destroy obstacles and greatly damage enemies.
  • Indigo Wisps give Sonic the Indigo Asteroid form, which can slowly float in the air and absorb debris and enemies to gain mass. At its largest, Indigo Asteroid Sonic can defeat any enemy.
  • Cyan Wisps transform Sonic into the Cyan Laser with the power to move at faster-than-light speeds and defeat enemies. He can also touch light prisms and find hidden routes.
  • Yellow Wisps bestows Sonic with the Yellow Drill form, giving him the power to drill underground to find new routes, hidden items and rings.

Check out all the screenshots below, which show off the 3DS stages in more detail.

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