Sonic Mania Adventures Part 6 Warms the Heart with a Holiday Special

Sonic Mania Adventures Part 6 Warms the Heart with a Holiday Special

Catch up with the Blue Blur this Holiday Season!

The hit animated short series Sonic Mania Adventures has a new Holiday Special episode. Sega has released the episode on YouTube today. You may watch the cute short below.

Sonic Mania Adventures completed its series run this year back in July, but Sega has put together a brand new short that takes place after the final episode. The Holiday Special revolves around a rundown Metal Sonic and a cold-hearted Eggman, after Sonic and his crew defeated the villains in the main series. The official description of the short is as follows-


“Metal Sonic and Doctor Eggman crash into the jungle after being defeated by Sonic and friends. Feeling broken and abandoned, as seasons turn cold, a surprise appearance may change Metal Sonic’s fate forever!”

If you missed the series, you can watch all five episodes in one convenient video on Sega’s YouTube channel here. All five episodes run for just over 11 minutes. Sega also published a behind-the-scenes video that shared details with the creation of the new animated series.

Sonic Mania Adventures was released all this year to help promote Sonic Mania Plus, an upgrade to last year’s return-to-form 2D classic. In our review of Sonic Mania Plus, Tomas Franzese found the upgrade to make the game look and feel even better. If you want to pick up a copy of Sonic Mania Plus, you may do so on Amazon here.


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