Sonic Mania Shows Green Hill Zone Act 2 in Gameplay Video and Gets New Screenshots

Sonic Mania Shows Green Hill Zone Act 2 in Gameplay Video and Gets New Screenshots

Sonic Team gives a preview of what fans can expect to find in Sonic's return to his Genisis-era roots with Sonic Mania.

Sega has revealed a brand new area for Sonic Mania, coming digitally to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch in Spring 2017.

The area is named Green Hill Zone Act 2 and is a new original stage exclusive to Sonic Mania. This new stage aims to expand on the tropical setting that players are so familiar with in Act 1 and adds new mechanics, obstacles, and secrets to uncover.

One of these new features is the use of a fire shield. If the player has the fire shield and runs over a bridge, the bridge will burn and reveal access to a new path. However, if they land in water they will lose the shield.

Additionally, the publisher has revealed a new series of bosses called “Hard-Boiled Heavies”. These enemies are part of Eggman’s crew and each has a special skill that makes them unique in battle.

The first in the series of bosses is named “Heavy Gunner” and will appear at the end of the Hollywood-inspired Studiopolis Act 1. The robot boss is armed with a rocket launcher and can take to the sky with his helicopter to rain down missiles towards Sonic.

The publisher details the premise:

Sonic Mania is the ultimate celebration of past and future, blending Genesis-era Sonic platforming with New Zones, Powerful Bosses, and 3 Playable Characters, all presented at a gorgeous 60 FPS. In the span of 25 years, Sonic has collected countless rings across various Zones, and Sonic Mania revisits what it was that first made Sonic great, all while building upon that foundation and giving old and new fans alike an experience that will leave them smiling.

You can check out the new gameplay from Green Hill Zone Act 2 above new screenshots below: