Eddie Murphy Reveals Nightmarish Sonic the Hedgehog Cake Live on SNL

Eddie Murphy Reveals Nightmarish Sonic the Hedgehog Cake Live on SNL

Eddie Murphy took part in Saturday Night Live's Holiday Baking Championship and revealed his Sonic the Hedgehog inspired cake.

When you first saw the original Sonic the Hedgehog trailer, did it give you nightmares? The human teeth, the weird eyes, the long, slender legs? Well, Eddie Murphy is reigniting that nightmare and adding more fuel to the nightmare fire. Prepare ya’self.

Earlier this year, Sonic the Hedgehog revealed a trailer for the live-action version of the video game hedgehog, but the character design caused a large noise to generate from nearly every corner of the world wide web. The noise generated enough attention to prompt the studios behind the movie to work on a re-design. This of course meant delaying the movie until 2020.

The new re-design was revealed and it looked fantastic, although figures came in suggesting the process cost Paramount around $5 million. It was also stated by members at the company that the process was done without crunch.

But let’s move onto the topic at hand. Eddie Murphy joined Saturday Night Live this month to take part in the Holiday Baking Championship. He was alongside Cecily Strong, Kyle Mooney, and Heidi Gardner as they all showcased their baked creations to the judges, Aidy Bryant, Beck Bennett, Ego Nwodim.

Sonic the hedgehog

Eddie Murphy started off his introductory tangent by saying that as a child one of his favorite memories was playing the Sonic the Hedgehog games. Before revealing the cake he mentions that it’s made from royal icing, with the shoes being made from hot cinnamon and the speed lines are red licorice. The example image we see (Seen above) of the cake looks like it could be a winner for me, but then he reveals it.

The second he pulls the box up he reveals a cake resembling the first design the Sonic the Hedgehog movie showed to the internet, and honestly, it’s genius. The cake doesn’t show a blue hedgehog, instead, a brown head impaled with chocolate sticks, with human teeth sitting under those lifeless eyes and shiny nose. You can watch the video and skip to 1:22 where Eddie begins his introduction.

Do you think you could beat such a wonderfully captured likeness? Go and get baking and send us your photos of your cake baking skills. Please. It’d make my day.

In fact, who wants a DualShockers video game cake baking challenge at some point?