Sonic the Hedgehog's New Movie Redesign Seemingly Revealed

A movie theater standee has apparently leaked Sonic's new look in the upcoming 2020 film.

It has been nearly six months since Paramount Pictures opted to delay the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie after the design of the film’s titular character was widely criticized by fans. Since that time, we haven’t officially seen what Sonic will look like moving forward in the movie, but as of recently, it seems that his new appearance has now been leaked.

In a new tweet from user @pablothinghouse on Twitter, Sonic’s updated look has seemingly now been showcased on the front of a new standee that will likely start popping up in movie theater chains across the country. Compared to his original design in the movie, Sonic now seems to have larger eyes which are reminiscent of how he has always historically looked in video games. His shoes and hands seemed to have been changed as well, in addition to what seems to be a slight update of the shape to his head.

Obviously, this image could somehow be faked, so don’t take it as complete truth just said. That said, what is being shown here is looks absolutely real and, in my own estimation, is much better than before. The changes to Sonic’s design aren’t even that drastic, but he already looks so much more like how he does in video games. While making these updates to his design ended up delaying the movie, they seem to have been made for the better.

Assuming this standee has started to make its way around to theaters, you’d have to imagine we’ll be getting a new trailer for the film sometime soon. Until then, all we know is that Sonic the Hedgehog will be arriving next year on February 14, 2020.

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