Sonic the Hedgehog’s Official Twitter Continues to Tease New Anniversary Game With New Image

on May 24, 2016 7:22 PM

Sonic the Hedgehog‘s official Twitter (run by Aaron Webber) is normally the source of hilarious tweets involving the series. However, in between those are some teases for the upcoming anniversary title. The most recent teaser involves the following image as a hint:

The post also included the following “helpful” tags, with an actually helpful hint at the end:

#sonic the hedgehog #we may enjoy a good laugh or two here #but there is goodness brewing in the labs #we can’t talk about it just yet! #we know it’s a long wait #kinda like when you’re hungry and you smell something good #but it’s not ready to eat just yet #the wait is pretty agonizing just so you can have that delicious lasagna #why do you take so long to bake–you delicious casserole #should have just made chili dogs… #we know you all want a teaser #but maybe they’re already there–have you looked hard enough? 😉

Also, clarification from Webber for eagle-eyed fans who may have noticed the blue squares in the upper right corner of the image:

Hopefully some new information will release soon; until then fans are left with the task of deciphering the cryptic hints Sega has given us.

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