2D Roguelite Sons of the Void Kickstarter Campaign and Steam Greenlight Launch

Indie developer Grogshot Games announces the Steam Greenlight release and Kickstarter campaign of its roguelite, squad-based 2D dungeon-crawler with RPG elements: Sons of the Void.

on May 17, 2017 8:39 PM

Spanish indie studio Grogshot Games announced today that its roguelite, squad-based 2D dungeon-crawler Sons of the Void has met a couple of major milestones in its development process. The game has now been released on Steam Greenlight and has an active Kickstarter campaign.

According to the developer, Sons of the Void is a cross between Borderlands and Nuclear Throne, in which the player can swap between three squad members and complete missions that will offer different advantages and disadvantages every time you play. The game also includes RPG elements where characters receive rewards and improved abilities as the game progresses.

With its Kickstarter campaign, the team is looking for €45,000 (about $50,000). At this time, the team has 21 days to go on its campaign and it has raised $7,871.

Sons of the Void will initially be released on PC, Mac, and Linux, with PS4, Xbox One, and Switch versions as stretch goals. It is currently on Steam Greenlight.

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