Sony’s “Welcome Back” Content to Include Two Free Games

on May 6, 2011 8:44 PM

Sony’s “Welcome Back” Content to Include Two Free Games

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has recently made a traditional post on Europe’s PlayStation Blog. The post explains how they’re working on ensuring customer safety, how they’re managing things at this given point, and when they hope the PSN will be back online for certain programs to take effect. For the record, SCEE hopes they can get programs and the PSN back up early next week. The same typical stuff we’ve come to expect from this PSN debacle. However, the post vaguely describes what PSN users will receive for free as part of the “welcome back program”; at least for Europe that is.

“We will be offering PSN users the opportunity to select two PS3 games for a list of five, as well as offering PSP users the opportunity to choose two games from a list of four.”

This way of distributing free content seems to prevent the issues we discussed in this week’s ShockCast. Keep in mind non-Europeans (yes America that means you) this is for Europe only. We can assume that the SCEA will have similar content but we can’t be sure. My only hope is the games offered won’t be titles that have been on the Store for years so the price might as well be free. Dare I suggest offering retail games that can be found on the PlayStation Store as well?

[EU PlayStation Blog]

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