Sony: 1 in 5 PS4s Sold Are PS4 Pros; Selling Better Than Expected

Sony: 1 in 5 PS4s Sold Are PS4 Pros; Selling Better Than Expected

According to Sony, PS4 Pros account for one and every 5 PS4s sold since November 2016.

Back on November 10, 2016, PS4 Pro, an updated PS4 with improved hardware to enable 4K rendering and improve PlayStation VR performance (among other things), launched. And despite there not being a ton of buzz around it since, apparently it is selling quite well.

Speaking to Polygon, Sony opted to not release official sales numbers for the PS4 Pro, but did say since its launch, one in every five PS4s purchased have been a Pro, which is personally a better ratio than I would have expected: not only because of the $100 more premium price, but because of the nascency of the 4K television market and the fact that Sony hasn’t seemed to push it very hard.


According to Sony global sales chief Jim Ryan, the souped-up console is way ahead of Sony’s expectations. Ryan also notes — similarly to PSVR — Sony’s forecasting for the PS4 Pro had been poor, and thus the product had been relatively short in supply, making the one-in-five ratio even more impressive.

Speaking to Time, CEO and President of Sony Interactive Entertainment America, Shawn Layden, adds that clearly all of the rumors about the demise of consoles has been “very much premature.” The CEO continues by pointing out that if you’re watching NPD for PS4 and Xbox One sales, console gaming has actually never “been as big and vibrant as it is right now.”

According to Sony, the PS4 is outpacing the Xbox One in North America 2-1 and in Europe 3-1.

In other recent and related news, Sony also announced today that PS VR has sold over 1 million units and that PS4 is nearing 60 million. It also revealed that PS4 exclusive, Horizon: Zero Dawn, has sold 3.4 million copies to date.

The PS4 Pro is available for $399.99 USD.