Sony and Microsoft Donating Over 5 Million Dollars for Japan Relief

By Kyle Durant

March 15, 2011

First and foremost we would like to say all our hearts and condolences go out to the victims of the 8.9 magnitude earthquake that shook Japan days ago. With that said we are proud that Sony and Microsoft are taking the actions they are planning. The two mega companies are said to be donating over 5 million dollars in cash and machinery to the Japan Relief fund. See who’s giving what after the break.

Sony is specifically donating 300 million Yen ($3,670,000) to relief efforts. In a separate fund, Sony is starting a “Disaster Relief Fund” that will target donations given by employees worldwide. The amount of donations received will be matched by Sony “through gift programs.” The tech Sony will be donating consists of 30,000 radios to help communication efforts among relief workers. Sony released a statement as follows.

“In times like these, we are reminded of how important and fragile we are and of the positive impact we can have – both as individuals and, collectively, as a Company – to assist those in need. We will continue to make the utmost effort to help the swift recovery of the affected communities in the region.”

Microsoft on the other hand will be donating 2 million dollars worth of support by company software and 250,000 dollars in cash. The company has also outlined an array of events as means of further support.

1. Activating our Disaster Response protocol and team – a dedicated group that mobilizes our company during crises such as this – who is leading outreach to customers, partners, the local government, and relief agencies.

2. Providing customers and partners impacted by the earthquake with free incident support to help get their operations back up and running.

3. Providing free temporary software licenses to all impacted customers and partners as well as lead governments, nonprofit partners and institutions involved in disaster response efforts.

4. Making a cloud-based disaster response communications portal, based on Windows Azure, available to governments and nonprofits to enable them to communicate between agencies and directly with citizens.

5. Issuing an appeal to our employees to support the relief organizations working in Japan – we match our US based employees donations dollar for dollar up to a maximum of $12,000 per employee per year.

6. Helping to drive awareness and donations for relief efforts through our Disaster Response website, MSN and

7. Committing to support the immediate relief and rescue efforts in Japan, working with our nonprofit partners to provide the necessary support.

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We wish these programs and actions the best of luck in their objectives. Again we hope all victims can recover and can be brought good tidings. Could we possibly use this goodwill as a lesson to all those “delusional” fanboys? If two big time rival companies can agree to help the same cause…maybe we can come to terms that no one console is better? Maybe even getting games to have a cross-multiplayer experience through realization?



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