Sony Announces First Mobile Games Under ForwardWorks Label: Wild Arms, Arc the Lad and More (UPDATED)

Sony Announces First Mobile Games Under ForwardWorks Label: Wild Arms, Arc the Lad and More (UPDATED)

Today, Sony hosted a presentation in Tokyo, announcing the initial line-up of mobile games that will be released under the recently formed label ForwardWorks. The label was created in March to tap into the smart devices market by leveraging PlayStation’s rich portfolio of intellectual properties.

The titles, shared by PlayStation’s Japanese twitter account, definitely include some beloved franchises that will be released gradually for iOS and Android, as you can see below.


The first title will be Minna No Golf (Hot Shots Golf), to be released in Japan in Spring 2017.


Following, is a puzzle game, Yuusha no Kuseni Konamai Kida Dash! (What Did I Do To Deserve This, My Lord?). It will come for iOS and Android in the Summer of 2017.


The third title is a fully new Arc the Lad JRPG, which will be a sequel to the original story, created by the original staff.


The fourth game is a new Wild Arms JRPG to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the series. The original staff will work on this game as well.


Dokodemo Issho, PaRappa the Rapper and Summer Holiday 20th Century will follow, with details to be announced at a later date.


A collaboration with Nippon Ichi Software will also bring third party IPs, including Disgaea and Yomawari: Night Alone.


Square Enix will participate with another collaboration project, even if further details have not been shared. More info will come at a later time.


ForwardWorks’ first original game has also been announced, “Sora to umi no Aida” (Aida of Sky and Sea), Directed by Sakura Taisen creator Oji Hiroi.


We’ll also get a game based on a hybrid concept between mobile game and trading card game titled Project FIELD. The first deck for the game will be dedicated to Yo-kai Watch, in collaboration with Level-5.

This is certainly what I would define a very solid line-up, with many well known franchises and possible heavy hitters. Younger Japanese gamers will definitely look at Project FIELD with great interest thanks to the Yo-kai Watch content, while beloved JRPGs will draw in older gamers and nostalgic casuals.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go spend some time alone to mourn a couple of franchises that would have been much better used on an actual gaming platform.

Update: ForwardWorks released a batch of trailers for some of the games announced, on top of a video showcasing the “vision” of the label. Check them out below.