Sony Announces New Press Conference at Paris Games Week 2017

Sony Announces New Press Conference at Paris Games Week 2017

PlayStation will return to Paris Games Week this year, with a new media showcase on October 30th.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe announced today that the house of PlayStation will revive its European fall media showcases, which will return to Paris Games Week after a year of absence.

The conference will be hosted on Monday. October 30th at 5 PM local time, which equates to 8 AM Pacific time and 11 AM Eastern time.

At the moment, all Sony sent is a “save the date” notice, which means that there is no firm information yet on what will be showcased at the press conference. We might finally get some new info on Dreams by Media Molecule, and possibly a more precise release window for some prominent 2018-bound PS4 exclusives like God of War and Spider-Man.

It would also be the perfect venue to announce a release date for Detroit: Become Human by Paris-based developer Quantic Dream, which was first revealed at Paris Games Week two years ago.

As usual, the conference will be hosted before the trade show proper starts, with Paris Games Week opening its gates to the public on November 1st, and closing on November 5th. It will be located at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles venue, even if Sony’s Press Conference will probably be hosted somewhere else within the city.

The last time Sony Interactive Entertainment hosted a media showcase at Paris Games Week, in October 2015, it was at the prestigious Espace Grand Arche at La Défense, as a replacement for its event at Gamescom in Cologne hosted in earlier years. Apparently the German event is considered too close to E3 by the house of PlayStation.

Last year no major conference was organized in Europe, but looks like this year Sony will be back to show its goods in the Old Continent.