Sony Announces "PSP Remasters" for the PlayStation 3

If you’re like me, you own a PS3 but not a PSP, which means you get to miss out on some of the awesome PSP exclusives. It looks like that won’t happen as often now, as Sony just revealed a “PSP Remaster” line of games for the PS3.

Similar to Nintendo’s “New Play Control” series, Sony’s going to take popular, classic PSP games and re-release them on Bluray discs for their home console counterpart with updated controller support and graphics. Additionally, the save data for both version of games will apparently be interchangeable, meaning you can start a game on the PSP, and finish it when you get back home on your PS3.

The first title they’ve announced? Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD Ver., an update to the hugely successful Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. Fans will note that this iteration of the series hasn’t come out in the States yet; indeed, for now this release looks to be Japan only. Still, I’m a ridiculous huge fan of Monster Hunter Tri, and I’ve been dreaming about a day when I could play Monster Hunter on my PS3, so I can only hope this makes it over the ocean and into my sweet, sticky hands.

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