Sony Announces Significant Increase in Stores Selling PlayStation VR in Japan

Sony Announces Significant Increase in Stores Selling PlayStation VR in Japan

Sony is preparing to drastically increase the availability of PlayStation VR in its Japanese home turf.

Finding a PlayStation VR unit in Japan has been a rather bumpy ride for many, due to very limited supply and lack of widespread availability in stores. Apparently, the house of PlayStation is out to solve the issue, at least in part.

Today, those subscribed to the Japanese PlayStation VR Premium e-mail Magazine — a specialized mailing list hosted by Sony Interactive Entertainment itself — received a notice mentioning that the company intends to significantly expand the number of store carrying the headset nationwide.

While currently there are 232 stores selling PlayStation VR in Japan, this initiative will push the number up to 394 in June, which is almost twice as many. This figure includes both brick and mortar retail stores and online retailers.

On top of that, a series of experience and sale events will be held in over 100 retail stores across Japan starting mid-June, allowing potential customers to get hands on with the headset.

We recently learned that PlayStation VR sold over a million units worldwide, and that Sony wants to strengthen the product’s value proposition before considering a price drop.

Just a few days ago, Bandai Namco announced a new game of the Summer Lesson series, featuring the American girl Alison Snow. Considering that the first game has been the most successful PlayStation VR-dedicated  in Japan, it’s quite likely that demand for the headset will increase on June 22nd, when the new title will be released.

An accompanying press release mentioned that Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan and Asia plans to further expand the popularity of PlayStation VR, and intends to continue increasing the attractiveness of the platform in the future.