Sony Bend’s New PS4 Exclusive Will Use “Cutting Edge 3D Rendering Tech,” “Complex Shader Tricks”

Sony Bend’s New PS4 Exclusive Will Use “Cutting Edge 3D Rendering Tech,” “Complex Shader Tricks”

We know that Sony’s studio in Bend, Oregon, has been working on a PS4 exclusive, but almost no information has filtered about the game thus far, besides rumors and a few details from career opportunity ads.

Today we get another, which gives us some insight on everyone’s favorite topic as of late: graphics. The ad seeks a Senior Staff Graphics Programmer and you can find an excerpt below.

Our Sony Bend Studio is looking for a Senior Staff Graphics Programmer. This position specializes in programming that centers around the graphics functionality of the target platform and game engine. This will frequently involve knowledge,research and development of innovative and cutting edge graphic techniques including Lighting, Rendering and Special Effect creation.They will need to work closely with the art team to fully understand the desired art style and work to achieve this within the complex constraints of the target platform.

Is a key contributor to the development of cutting edge 3d rendering technology within the constraints of the target system and performance characteristics of the game and engine. This includes, but not limited to Complex shader coding, Lighting Models, Special effects (bloom, fog etc). Occlusion schemes utilizing the rendering architecture, Particle systems, Shadowing Solutions etc.

Maintains a thorough knowledge of all aspects of the engine and tools pipeline to manage / communication and enable early identification of issues to ensure issues pertaining to the production or use of the Graphics Pipeline are strategically managed.

Maintains a thorough knowledge of the games designs to manage the identification of graphics led solutions to requested features. This could include, but is not limited to, use of Complex shader tricks in achieving a specific visual effect, as requested by the art or design team.

Looks like the good folks at Bend are going all out to bring us a game at the top of the visual fidelity scale. It remains to be seen when Sony will announce it. Ten months have passed since the first and only way the house of PlayStation teased the game during the launch ceremony of the PS4.

With this, Guerrilla Games’ “Horizon,” Santa Monica’s new game and more, looks like Sony is keeping quite a lot of cards still close to its chest.