Sony Blog Videos Cover Strategy for Kratos and Colonel Radec in PS All-Stars

on August 7, 2012 8:22 PM

SuperBot Entertainment Lead Combat Designer Paul Edwards today posted a blog containing in-depth looks at two of the original six PlayStation All-Stars characters, Kratos and Radec. Playstation.Blog’s Sid Shuman sits down and speaks with Game Director Omar Kendall to talk over how each of the characters stay true to their origins and how that manifests into a 2-D environment such as PS All-Stars.

Kratos has great control of the mid range area with his chain swords and useful tools such as the spartan shield and spear, as well as the barbarian hammer. True to his action game roots, he controls a strong area around himself and has utility in the form of a jump-cancelable attack string as well as being able to turn around mid-string to fend off would be party poopers.

Radec, on the other hand, lies almost solely in the realm of long-ranged attacks. Though he does have some good throws and melee attacks that follow up with his shotgun, Radec has access to a large array of projectile weaponry to keep any possible assailant at bay. They briefly talk about his down-square and down-circle grenade attacks and how they differ as well. As a beta participant, this was interesting because Kratos and Radec are currently the only two characters I play. You can check out the videos below.


Source: PlayStation.Blog

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