Sony Celebrates 20 Years of Ape Escape with Reflective Video

Sony Japan is celebrating the 20th anniversary of Ape Escape with a video reflecting on all the entries in the series.

Following up on the clamor generated by a new Ape Escape twitter account–Sony Japan released a retrospective video in celebration of Ape Escape‘s 20th anniversary.

The video opens with the unnerving, unbreaking gaze of someone in an ape suit sharing the news that it’s been 20 years since Ape Escape released for the PlayStation in Japan. We’re then taken through a goofy look back at all 14 entries in the series, from the original in 1999 to 2010’s PlayStation Move Ape Escape.

The first entry in the series had you play as Spike, a young boy armed with a stun club and a time net tasked with capturing apes to prevent them from rewriting history. While the controls were somewhat awkward and made sneaking up on those slippery primates a challenge, they were the first controls that ever explicitly required the DualShock controller. Some future spin-offs branched out from third-person platforming to try their hand at weird beat ’em up mini-games, card trading, and kart racing,

It’s been years since we saw the release of Ape Escape 3 for the PS2–the last mainline entry. That was back in July 2005 for Japan and January 2006 for North America. Between this new video, a new Twitter account, and a remake for Ape Escape 3 that never happened, anticipation for some kind of news is at an all-time high.

When Ape Escape 3 was re-rated for the PS4 in 2016, many people were hoping for some kind of remaster à la Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. Alas, nothing came out of it. The first tweet from that new Twitter account roughly states “Twenty years since then. I’ve been running around for a long time, but I wonder if there is anyone out there to chase…?” Hopes of a remaster, if not Ape Escape 4, are once again running high.

If your desire to play Ape Escape has been reignited and you have an original PlayStation and DualShock controller, you can order a copy off Amazon for $99.

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