Sony Celebrates the PS4’s Sleek Design and More in Tokyo Exhibition and Cool Video

Sony Celebrates the PS4’s Sleek Design and More in Tokyo Exhibition and Cool Video

A couple months ago we reported about the book Sony Design: Making Modern, that celebrates the innovative and sleek design by the Japanese company, featuring the PS4 right on the front page.

In order to celebrate the release of the book and the designs it displays, Sony opened today an exhibition in Tokyo with the same name. it will run until June 14th. You can see its simple but effective main main art below.


The exhibition is held at the Sony Building in Ginza (which we covered a few months ago), at the OPUS event space on the 8th floor.  Of course the PS4 is the guest of honor, not only as part of the exhibition itself, but also by welcoming guests with its innovative profile right at the entrance, displayed on a giant billboard showing the main art above.

“Since its foundation in 1946, Sony has maintained the spirit of “doing what has never been done before,” and has created numerous products and designs that symbolize the evolvement of time. This is the spirit that Sony has always had, and that will never change. Sharing an appreciation for this attitude, Rizzoli International Publications of New York, with an established reputation in art and design books, decided to publish “Sony Design: MAKING MODERN.” The book contains photos testifying to Sony’s history, and new photos taken of Sony’s successive designs.

An exhibition will be held at Sony Building of Ginza in Tokyo to commemorate the publication of this book. Around 30 products from the 70s to today will be placed on display. Historic products such as the original WALKMAN, which gave birth to today’s “listen on the go” lifestyle,” and the Profeel, which created a new concept in TVs, are nostalgic, yet fresh even today. PlayStation and other more recent products will also be put on display, giving insights into the evolution and maturation of designs. We look forward to your visit.”

On top of the exhibition, Sony also released a video celebrating its designs, in which the PlayStation 4 features prominently. You can check it out below.