Sony Clarifies That Anonymous Is Behind the PSN Debacle

Sony Clarifies That Anonymous Is Behind the PSN Debacle


Earlier this week the U.S. Congress implored Sony to reveal details regarding the PSN being hacked and the consequences it could and will have. Sony and Kaz Hirai were more than happy to oblige as they made their reply public by responding via the PlayStation Blog. To sum up their reply, Sony is acting with great care and caution to this event and is taking responsibility for the actions. That’s the boring stuff. The good, juicy tidbits don’t come until Sony explains who was responsible for the PSN’s catastrophic meltdown. Anonymous.

Anonymous of course being the group that has been bothering Sony the past couple months with protests and threats because of the company’s way of “manipulating” the court system in the GeoHotz case. Despite their denial in this PSN affair, Sony discovered a planted file on one of their servers named “Anonymous” with a description of “We are Legion”. Sony then went on to say what I’m sure Anonymous takes as a compliment.

“Sony has been the victim of a very carefully planned, very professional, highly sophisticated criminal cyber attack.”

So who’s lying: Anonymous or Sony? I’m going to have to say Anonymous and not just because of my “fanboyism”! Lying to any governmental body is a big no no and the after effects would not be pretty. This then raises the question on why Anonymous denied their part in this. Perhaps they wanted gamers to get frustrated with Sony instead of them? I’m sure many were already before the PSN was even targeted. Let’s just hope all is fixed by the end of the week as Sony announced on Sunday.

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