Sony Comments on January NPD Victory for PS4: “Gamers are Choosing PlayStation as the Best Place to Play”

Sony Comments on January NPD Victory for PS4: “Gamers are Choosing PlayStation as the Best Place to Play”

Sony Computer Entertainment just sent a Press Release commenting on the latest North American NPD figures that saw the PS4 sell twice as much in January as its rival, the Xbox One. Senior Vice President of PlayStation Brand Marketing Guy Longworth mentioned that sales supremacy was achieved despite severe supply constraints, that the company is working hard to address:

Demand for PlayStation 4 remains incredibly strong as it was No. 1 in sales for next gen consoles in January, nearly doubling the nearest next gen competitor, and remains the cumulative leader, according to today’s NPD report. Although PS4 remains severely constrained at retail, we are working hard to refresh supply as quickly as possible.

It’s clear gamers are choosing PlayStation as the best place to play with PS4 software sales ranking No. 1 in January, highlighted by strong sales of Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, which sold twice as many units on PS4 than any other platform.

On the other side of the barricade, Xbox Corporate Vice President of Marketing, Strategy and Business Yusuf Mehdi gave his own spin to the numbers via Xbox Wire, focusing on the fact that Xbox consoles sold the most games across all platforms last month:

More importantly, it is gratifying for our team to see Xbox continue to prove it’s the best place to play games. January NPD Group figures released today revealed Xbox* sold the most games across all console platforms in January with 2.27 million units sold, making up 47 percent of software market share. Fans continue to show their excitement for new generation Xbox One games, with U.S. consumers purchasing an average of 2.7 games per console since launch. This amazing success is due in large part to our unrivaled games lineup, first class Xbox Live multiplayer games service and a platform for game developers that offers unique capabilities such as Kinect and Xbox SmartGlass.

Medhi also looks at the near future for Xbox platforms. After all “tomorrow’s another day:”

We’re just getting started. Our team couldn’t be more excited for the upcoming launch of “Titanfall,” which is exclusive to Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. Recently called the “most important game in years,” a “game changer” and “system seller,” “Titanfall” has been heralded for its “spectacular action,” termed a “ridiculously good looking game,” and the “most exciting shooter in years.” For people who haven’t purchased Xbox One, we believe “Titanfall” will be the energizer to launch a new generation of gameplay.

So there you have it: at least for the month of January we have a winner for the next generation console war. Of course, as usual, both companies claim victory one way or another (and it’s quite amusing to see that both sides claim to have the “best place to play” using basically the same wording), but one camp’s victory cry sounds just a tad weak this time around.