Sony Computer Entertainment Presents New Soul Sacrifice Screenshots

Sony Computer Entertainment Presents New Soul Sacrifice Screenshots

Sony Computer Entertainment has released new screenshots in Japan for the upcoming PS Vita Game, Soul Sacrifice. The game is being designed by Keiji Inafune, father of MegaMan. Marvelous AQL, behind the development of Harvest Moon, is the studio developing the title with Yasunori Mitsuda, Chrono Trigger‘s composer, and Wataru Hokoyama, composer of Resident Evil 5, composing the score for the game.

In Soul Sacrifice, players control a man who is raised by a cruel sorcerer and is about to be sacrificed. Players will enter the world of a book to escape their fate.

The game’s battle system requires players use a type of magic referred to as Sacrifice. This magic makes use of items the player has that are sacrificed so certain types of magic and abilities can be used. For higher level attacks and abilities, players will have to sacrifice parts of themselves in order to unlock powerful magic and weapons to use in battle.

Enemies in the game tower over the player and give an epic feel to the battles. Monsters in the game are former magicians that sacrificed too much of themselves and ended up transforming into the creepy monsters that occupy the game’s world. Players also risk the same happening to them if they rely too much on the magic in the game and do not find a proper balance. Screenshots below show the scale of these enemies and concept art for some of the Sacrifice magic that can be used in the game.

Those looking for something amazing to play on their PS Vita or who are excited for Inafune-san’s next project should definitely keep an eye out for this creepy and interesting looking title.